It is the largest of the Aran Islands and a world away from city life. Even Galway seems like a hubbub compared to Inishmore.

horsecart green top.JPG

And while it's just a six miles as the crow flies it feels like you'rethousand miles away when you get there.

inishmore horsecart.JPG

Inishmore is just nine miles long and three miles wide and yet it has 7-thousand miles of stone fences.

stone fences.JPG

Think about that...7-thousand miles! It's really unbelievable!!!

Inishmore fences.JPG

And it's friendly. Horse carts are everywhere you look, and bicycles are a preferred mode of transportation and there are just a dozen bed and breakfasts there.

Leprechaun houses are everywhere. They are a bit of a hedge to give those mischievious fairies in their own house and away from yours.

Little house.JPG
leprechaun house.JPG

Animals are used to new people walking up and petting them.

inishmore horse.JPG

And since it takes an effort to get here, hikes to the ruins there peaceful. If you see a few others when you get there, it's just a handful, not like the bigger tourist attractions where the tourists flock. No shuttle buses, no tour groups, no charges. Heck you are lucky to find signs to get you to what you're looking for. You're more likely to just stop someone and ask them to point you in the right direction.

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inishmore sunset.JPG

And get this, while the Aran Islands are known for sweaters...there is not a sheep on the island! They are the craftsmen and women who do the knitting. They've developed the stitches known world-wide, and their sweaters are incredible...but the land is too rocky,(as in 7-thousand miles of rock fences!) for sheep. So the yarn is imported from from the mainland.

Aran Island Sheep.JPG

I didn't buy a sweater there but I was taken by a scarf for my daughter. And then it was so cold on the ferry heading back that I had to use it.

sheep scarf.JPG

Sorry Princess, I'll have to get you another one!

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