Two Patricks, What a Find!

Two Patricks, What a Find!

If you find yourself lost in Ireland just find yourself a Patrick, or even maybe two. They are everywhere.  So as I was waiting for a bus number 404 to take me from downtown Galway back to my own neighborhood two young Irish boys joined me at the stop.

"Where are you goin', ma'am," the first one asked.

"Just back to Newcastle," I said.

"You don't have to wait for the 404 you know," he replied. "You can take the 405 which is just coming now. We'll show you when it gets here. You might have a five minute walk but you won't have to wait."

They were as Irish as could be, with short haircuts and pockets stuffed with chocolate bars. They told me they were Patrick and Patrick, best friends from near my neighborhood, headed home themselves.

"Would you like some chocolate?" Patrick number one offered. "We have lots."

"Or I have drinks...both water and soda," Patrick number two offered.

"No, I think I'm good. But directions always help"

"So you're from America, are you?" one asked.

"Nevada," I said.

"And how hot does it get there?," they asked.

"Oh I think it's i the 90's right now," I said.

And they both began to collapse laughing, saying, "Do you melt there?"

"Well that's 90 in Fahrenheit," I said, "not Celsius. That's like 60 here."

'It's never gotten over 40 here! " 

"You know you can walk back in like ten minutes and it would save you money," Patrick number two said. "What do you do in America?"

"I write, news stories, books...a blog," I said.

"How old are you?" I asked.

"I'm 12," said Patrick #1. "I'm 12....almost 13," Patrick #2 added. "How old are you?"

"More than twice the number of your years together," I said. "And old enough that a bus is worth $2.10 for me. Can I take your picture?"

"Only if you put us in one of your books," Patrick #1 said.

"Well that's a ways off, but you'll find yourself on my blog by morning."



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