A Match Made in Heaven

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He moves with powerful precision. One hundred pounds of muscle focused and determined to achieve, to protect and to please. And if he can do it all in one motion, he does. 

Dakota is half Siberian husky and half wolf. His fur is auburn and white. His eyes are baby blue and they seem to pierce your gaze with a questioning look. Are you a friend or are you a foe? If you would even think of posing a threat to his master, believe me, he can take you down. His personality is almost human. There's really only one thing Dakota hates and that's being alone. 

As a puppy, he got into a bit of trouble with the other dogs. His owner had young children and not enough time to focus on him. It soon became clear he needed a new home. And his owner seemed to sense where it was. A phone call away, her sister had recently been in a paralyzing car accident. She was not only open to the idea of some help in getting around, but thankful for the companionship from someone who didn't ask questions. 

Ricci Kilgore had met Dakota briefly a few times before her accident. After the accident it was clear they were meant to be together. She needed the physical help getting around. He was a natural runner and loved to pull her in her in her wheelchair. She loved the companionship and hte idea of their stark differences. She was outgoing and determined to walk again. His dedication and love were immediately focused on her. 

Ricci Kilgore may be small in stature but you need not know her long to see that her 'will' rivals Dakota's physical strength in every way. 

Over the past seven years, Dakota has worked his way into her life and her heart. He is always happiest at her side. He loves to pull her anywhere they go. And they are a common sight on the UNR campus where Ricci is studying to be a large animal veterinarian. Dakota goes to class, the gym and everywhere Ricky will take him. He rides in the back of her truck and is always on hand as an icebreaker for conversations. They have an almost psychic bond. 

To me, it's a miracle when two souls who truly need each other find each other in this complicated world. And it's just as miraculous that in the midst of a life-altering tragedy came a lifelong friendship for both. 


Great Expectations

Home is Where the Heart Is

Home is Where the Heart Is